Is there any way to change my metabolism?

Unless you have a metabolic disorder, there is no way, other than changing your activity habits, to increase your metabolism. Rest assured that you can succeed at weight control, but to get started, you’ll need to accept the fact that you need to habitually eat less to lose weight.  That’s what The Anderson Method helps people to do. You might think it’s impossible or at least very hard to do, but as long as you postpone working to do this, you will remain overweight or more likely, keep gaining. In order to solve your weight problem, you’ll need to create habits where you habitually eat the right number of calories instead of habits where you overeat, eating too many calories. It can be done, with the right technique.  I call my techniques Therapeutic Psychogenics. Some clients say it’s easy with these techniques. Those are the ones I’ve seen working hard for what they want.

If you suspect that you have a low metabolism because of a metabolic disorder, go to your doctor to get tested. The doctors who specialize in this are called endocrinologists, and they can test your blood for hypothyroidism as well as other disorders, and measure your metabolic rate with devices called calorimeters. Getting tested will relieve your mind of wondering, and will result in either correcting a metabolic imbalance, or letting you know that there is no problem other than having an overeating habit that needs to be changed.

Taking drugs to try to “boost” your metabolism, as if taking cocaine, speed or something to make yourself hyperthyroid will help, is a bad idea that can ruin your life. Don’t do it. Follow me and you can solve your weight problem and change your life for the better in ways you haven’t dreamed of yet.


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