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In The Anderson Method, you’ll learn the secrets of permanent weight loss, revealed by licensed psychotherapist William Anderson, who lost 140 pounds after 25 years of obesity and failure with more diets than he can count. In doing that, he discovered the ground breaking formula for permanent weight loss that he teaches as Therapeutic Psychogenics, The Anderson Method. After maintaining his weight loss for over twenty years, and helping hundreds of his clients to experience this same success, he is spreading the word. Today, he is teaching other therapists in their own communities, as trained and licensed providers of The Anderson Method. In this book, he shares his story and his unique methods with you.

Read Forward by Mark Lupo M.D. President, Academy of Clinical Thyroidologists

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Chapter 8 – What’s to Eat?

My clients drive people crazy at parties. We seem to eat all the wrong things. We’ll have drinks and steak and pizza and desserts. We don’t eat just salad and fish and chicken. We don’t abstain from the things we like. It doesn’t look like we’re dieting; but, we are losing weight.
“Now, don’t cheat!” they’ll say. “You’ve done so good!” What we do defies their reality. We just love partaking in what we like, what they think is the forbidden fruit. We tell them “This is my diet!” while they look in bewilderment at our plates of the “wrong” things.
Different ideas come to mind when you talk about dieting. Most people think of it as a different way of eating that you do for a while to lose weight. You “diet” to lose weight, and then when you’re done, you go back to normal. This does no good. In fact, it makes us worse, helping us develop more overeating habits. It makes us crave and overvalue some foods, and it conditions us to overeat without control, through an inadvertent application of those behavioral… Read More

Chapter 9 – Mysteries Answered

How many times have you wondered what’s wrong when you observe your skinny friends eating the same or worse than you? When I was fat, it drove me crazy. It just didn’t seem fair. It didn’t seem that I ate any worse than anyone else, but I got fat. They could eat all the things I couldn’t, and they had no problem. How could this be, if my metabolism was not screwed up? (And the doctors claimed it wasn’t.)
When you look at two people, and one is a perfect 120 pounds at five feet, four inches, and the other is two-hundred and fifty pounds at the same height, everyone assumes that the overweight person eats twice as much, right? Let me straighten out some misconceptions… Read More