My Method

The Therapeutic Approach

Our weight and our body are the result of the way we behave, our habits. Change the behavior and the body will change. But behavioral change is not a simple or easy thing. Tough habits and addictions can have a life of their own where they can take over. They are in control of you, rather than you being in control of them. They can take over and ruin everything, even if your life’s at stake, even when you want to change more than anything else in the world. “Will power” and “just making up your mind” or “wanting it badly enough” are not the answer, no matter what you have been told. Behavioral Medicine has the answer.

The Anderson Method is a training program in an eclectic mix of behavioral therapies, along with an education in the psychology of eating and weight loss and nutrition. It combines Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, psychodynamic process, cybernetic self management or reprogramming technique, psychoeducation and nutrition education. But you needn’t understand all those clinical terms. You only need to listen and follow. You’ll develop an understanding of yourself and the problem that you’ve never had before, strengths and abilities you never knew you were capable of. The purpose is to create a permanent change in our automatic habitual ways of acting and thinking, so that losing the weight and keeping it off becomes our new habitual way of being. And it works like a charm.

You’ll work with an expertly trained therapist in a structured method scientifically proven to give you satisfying results. The therapist compassionately teaches and leads you, and you’ll follow them through a time tested process in weekly sessions for between two and three months. You’ll be losing weight at a rate geared for maximum satisfaction and good health while you learn how to keep it off. After that, for the most easily assured long term success, we like to see clients every three months, like check-ups with your doctor.

My book describes the program in detail, but to make it easier and more certain, work with a therapist. Click on the button above labeled “Find a therapist”, and if there is one near you, you can call today and be on your way.

Almost everyone knows diets don’t work. And some people can’t really exercise because of physical limitations. That won’t prevent from solving your weight problem. I failed at diets and exercise schemes for 25 years until I discovered this unique formula of methods I call Therapeutic Psychogenics. I tried and failed as you probably have for years until, as a behavior therapist and addictions counselor, I discovered this formula of therapy, lost 140 lbs., and started helping others solve their weight problem too. I’ve maintained this success for over 25 years and I hope to give it to you.

William Anderson, LMHC
Licensed Psychotherapist and Creator of The Anderson Method
Sarasota, Fl